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Ahoy There and Avast Mateys!

So, who is thinking, "Enough with the pirate talk?" Oof, too many hands in the air. I get it! I promise to keep it to a minimum during this first entry, me hearties.

This website has been a long time coming. My interest in pop culture started when I was a kid. In my small, one movie theater town of Gunnison, Colorado, my parents took me to see a new movie called "Star Wars." Let me tell you, my mind was blown!

For the rest of my childhood years, my life was Star Wars. I had all the toys and watched all the movies. As adulthood approached, pop culture returned from the most unlikely source...Comic books. I was listening to the radio and heard an announcement that Superman was going to die!

I couldn't believe it! Superman is iconic, he can't die. So I found a comic book store and bought a bunch of Superman comics (Spoiler alert - Superman lives! No one ever stays dead in comics). I was hooked. The next many years of my life were filled with any comics I could find (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image) and I was rarely disappointed. Well, there was Heroes Reborn, but that is a story for later.

In addition to comics and George Lucas making more episodes in a galaxy far far away and the T.A.R.D.I.S making new journeys and a TV show about super smart physicists who enjoy comics and an Aztec cursed ship with black sails (Inspiration perhaps - I say aye!) and a school for wizards, my kids and I began going to and enjoying Comic Cons! Those are Pop Culture dreams come true. Cosplay, memorabilia, celebrities, collectibles and thousands of fans just enjoying the experience!

Well, at that point, it was only a matter of time until our family started running our own booths at comic cons working with comic books, minifigures and other pop culture collectibles. Life was just about perfect being at a convention with my amazing wife, Lori, and our wonderful kids seeing and talking with other fans like us!

But then... (dun dun duhn)...

As life tends to show us, change, like Thanos, is inevitable. This spring a certain virus which shall remain unnamed effectively shut down the convention scene for a significant amount of time. So, short story long, we still wanted to meet, talk with and share our love of pop culture and collectibles with you and felt this website was the best way to do it!

As for all the pirate jargon, me hearties, these collectibles be the booty, the treasure we have scoured the seven seas to gather. This website be our map to the treasure ye seek. In future tides, we will sail again and perchance we will parley for the booty shipside at a convention. Aarrr, but in the meantime, ye scurvies...

-Captain Rob

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Lori Lynn Riggs
Lori Lynn Riggs
20 de jul. de 2020

Brilliantly written, my fine and talented partner in crime! Onward...!

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